Wishing everyone happy holidays, a blessed X’mas and a dynamite 2010!

Hi all, it’s been a while since our last posting. First on, a big thank you to Ishvar Kaur Godrei, Suriakala Sivalingan, Shalina Gafor, Priscillia Xavier and Nithya Rajagopal for being sporting. They did a super job at the “Fair Play For Fair Trade” futsal tournament organised by Elevyn.Com in aid of artisans in ASEAN. We didn’t win but we did give some of the “professionals” a fight!

Upcoming Events To look out For!

i) WANTED – HAPPY, SPORTING individuals who will dress up as Santa Claus and be part of Malaysia’s first congregation of Santa Clauses (Santarinas are welcome to!). Essential ability: Must be able to laugh — ho ..ho…ho!

It’s a unique fundraiser for Stepping Stones Children’s Shelter. Date: Sunday 13 December. Time: 7.30pm. Place: TSB (Telawi Street Bistro), Bangsar. Registration RM50 (first 50 who sign up get a free beer courtesy of TSB!)

To register call Dr Shalina @ 017 6944012 or Mrs Rani @ 012 3795735.

ii) SHAREDBLESSINGS – X’MAS RUN & BRUNCH – We’re hosting about 250 able and disabled children between 5-15 years from severals shelters in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban and Melaka to a party and a Park-Run on Sunday 13 December 2009 at Taman Jaya, (next to Amcorp Mall, PJ). Event time is 8am-1pm.

MUNCHY’S is giving away mini bisquit bars and SANTA FE RELOCATION SERVICES is loaning us their bouncy castle for the kids! We’re looking for sponsors and many many gifts. Contact Mrs Rani at 012 3795735 for more details!

iii) BERJAYA UniversityCollege of Hospitality is having its open day from 17-20 December @ Level 11, Berjaya Times Square. Lots of interesting talks have been lined up for visitors. Good time to checkout the short courses!

Till the next time happy ho..ho..lidays!