In 2001, Mohanaapriya Sina Raja won the crown and with her team went on to establish the Miss MalaysiaIndia Care Association now known as MMICARE ASSOCIATION.

The Miss MalaysiaIndian Global Personal Empowerment Programme and its related socio-cultural and economic development programmes was conceptualised and organised by Pushparani Thilaganathan, a journalist,  in Year 2000.

This blueprint to empower Malaysian girls descending from nations off the Indian Ocean  included establishing an active NGO, nurturing volunteerism, establishing peer-support, empowering every girl towards academic success while awakening their self-respect, sense of personal value and dignity and creating a commercial value for Indian community at large.

In 2001, Mohanaapriya Sina Raja won the crown and with her team Divya Nambiar and Bavani Nesamani went on to establish the Miss MalaysiaIndia Care Association now known as MMICARE ASSOCIATION.

MMICARE ASSOCIATION is today the joint organisors of the annual Miss MalaysiaIndian Global (MMIGLOBAL) pageant.  


MMICARE ASSOCIATION was registered as a women non-governmental organisation in Year 2002. Its members comprise graduates and professionals from our past pageants, who return each year to serve their peers in the community. Some among them form the working committee for the annual Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant.

MMICare Association is a non-partisan, independent organisation and is committed to the development of all Malaysian women and youth. Hence its grassroot “direct-benefit” programmes transcends racial, religious, political and cultural barriers.

MMICARE  Association’s primary mission is to empower communities through culture, communication, education and sports, hence the NGO has actively organised or been part of hundreds of grassroot projects since Year 2002.


In Year 2002 following its establishment as an ngo, MMICARE ASSOCIATION immediately set up a charity chest for all its direct-benefit grassroot community work.

The GIFT HER WITH LIFE FUND’s core focus is direct-benefit programmes for women and children in the field of education and personal empowerment.

Since 2003, GIFT HER has been organising Female Reproductive Health and Self-Esteem workshops for girls in school, colleges and university in Malaysia. This fundamentally crucial workshops has empowered thousands of girls and reduced among others teen pregnancies in the community.

Since 2006, GIFT HER has also been awarding Small Education Grants to deserving Malaysian girls in public colleges and universities. These no-obligations grants are easily accessible has assisted hundreds of girls since inception.

Since 2012 GIFT HER has been giving out geometry sets and scientific calculators to the community’s 11-13 year olds in preparation for secondary school.

All this is possible through the funds raised from the annual Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant and individual donors who share their blessings with us.


In 2004 MMICARE ASSOCIATION re-activated in its global volunteer programme which began in Year 2001 on an adhoc basis following the Gujarat earthquake.

In 2004 MMICARE members mobilised a two phase assistance programme for tsunami victims in Aceh, Phuket, Sri Lanka and Maldives.  This included two teams which went into Aceh and Phuket.

In 2014, MMICARE supported a programme to rebuild a primary school in war-torn Jaffna, Sri Lanka. We funded the entire roofing structure for the school.

In 2015 we once again stepped up to mobilise emergency items for earthquake victims in Nepal.

Following this we established a 2 year joint Rebuild Nepal campaign to help repair and rebuild a school in Kakani and empower a women community in Sindupalchowk. This effort was made possible through a collaboration with the Asia Pacific University Community Engagement Network (APUCEN) an international organisation represented in 20 countries. MMICARE volunteers also assisted in building 20 A-framed shelters fitting it with flooring and blankets beds for quake victims battling an impending winter. Volunteers from MMICARE made two trips to Nepal for this campaign.

In 2018 MMICARE Association’s international effort is to help build an eco-friendly mud school to enable literacy education for 200 slum children in Delhi. This is a collaboration between Lakshyam a youth NGO in India and APUCEN.   


MMICARE Association is a member of the regional Asia Pacific Universities Community Engagement Network (APUCEN).

MMICARE Association is an active member of the National Council of Women Organisations Malaysia.

MMICARE Association is an active Community Engagement partner with Universiti Sains Malaysia’s School of Biological Sciences.

MMICARE Association and Miss MalaysiaIndian Global has been the source of graduate and postgraduate dissertations by students from UKM, USM and KDU.

MMICARE Association has presented papers on its community engagement programmes in international conferences in Indonesia, Thailand and Japan.