The Miss MalaysiaIndian Global (MMIGLOBAL) personal empowerment pageant was conceived by Pushparani Thilaganathan in the year 2000 as a social development programme targeting young Malaysian women of Indian or part of Indian descent (at least one grandparent descending from the Indian Ocean).

Unlike other conventional pageants, the Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant’s primary thrust is the personal and professional enhancement of the Malaysian woman of Indian descent. The pageant identifies and nurturers girls to become inspirers and mentors in Malaysia and globally through its cross culture volunteer programmes. The pageant focusses less on beauty and physique and more on the overall devlopment and presentation of the women. Held on a national scale, the pageant is a finely etched programme that draws participants from all corners of Malaysia and audiences from across the segments.The Grandfinals is a pioneering event filled with glamour and world-class presentation.

The year 2020 will see the launch of the MRS MalaysiaIndian Global programme. The Mrs MalaysiaIndian Global pageant is a natural extension of the work that we have been doing with girls in the community since Year 2000. We look forward to sharing the same spirit of gratitude, resilience and enterprise in each of our women.


The pageant is organised by MMICARE Association, a women volunteer organisation, established in Year 2002. The Grandfinals is MMICARE Association’s annual fundraiser which benefits its GIFT HER WITH LIFE FUND. MMICARE Association is an active member of the international grouping Asia Pacific Community Engagement Network (APUCEN), National Council of Womens Organisation Malaysia (NCWO) and the School of Biological Sciences, University Sains Malaysia.

The annual Miss MalaysiaIndian Global grandfinals is audited by PriceWaterHouse Coopers and partnered by ASTRO.


The main beneficiary of funds raised from the annual Miss MalaysiaIndian Global grandfinals is the GIFT HER WITH LIFE FUND. The GIFT HER WITH LIFE FUND offers no obligation scholarships to Malaysian girls of Indian descent in public universities. The GIFT HER WITH LIFE FUND also supports our signature Personal Empowerment Programme (PEP) workshop and Inspire&Upgrade camps for girls aged 14-28years. The GIFT HER WITH LIFE FUND also supports a DayCare programme for 61 children from dysfunctional families in Kapar, Selangor.

Historical Footnotes:

In Year 2000, Mrs Pushparani acquired the India Worldwide pageant franchise for Malaysia. In Year 2001, Miss MalaysiaIndia winner Jayalaxmi Appadorai represented Malaysia in the Miss India Worldwide pageant in Tampa, Florida, USA. In 2002, Miss MalaysiaIndia winner Mohanaapriya Sina Raja represented Malaysia in India Worldwide pageant in Los Angeles, USA.

In 2003, Miss MalaysiaIndia winner Jasminder Kaur Chahal represented Malaysia in India Worldwide pageant in Durban, South Africa. Mrs Rani ended her ties with the India Worldwide organisors in 2003 after it was decided that the Malaysian pageant would be converted into a scholarship programme. The Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant is a successor to the Miss MalaysiaIndia pageants and has inspired and empowered thousands of Malaysian girls through its Personal Empowerment Programmes (PEP) since Year 2000.