“Never decide to do nothing just because you can do a little. Do what you can”

An Overview

The Gift Her With Life Fund is a not-for profit fund that has worked quietly to bring about change among the women in the community and society at large through its various nationwide programmes.

GIFT HER WITH LIFE FUND is operated by the MMICARE Association a women volunteer NGO. The fund was set up a charity chest in Year 2002 to enable grassroot community care programmes in schools, colleges and universities in the country.

The fund supports several initiates that directly benefit women and children.


  • The Fund carries out a variety of direct-to-you programmes in collaborations with individuals and various groups in the communities. Among them are;
    Personal Enhancement Workshop in schools, colleges & universities
  • Miss MalaysiaIndian Global (MMIGLOBAL) pageant
  • Community & Environment Awareness Programme
  • Health & Wellness Awareness workshops
  • Teen Eco Camps
  • Back2School programmes
  • International Volunteer and Experiential Programme
  • Small Education Grants

Since inception, the GIFT HER fund has awarded thousands of ringgit as small educational aid to deserving undergraduates who participated in the MMIGLOBAL pageant. Many of these young women who have benefited directly from the MMIGLOBAL programme and have gone on to become women leaders in various fields such as medical sciences, law, information technology, finance, tourism, hospitality and media. Spurred by the achievements of these young women, and based on feedback from regular on-ground activities, the GIFT HER fund is now extending its reach to include deserving post-graduate students in local universities. It has come to our knowledge that there is a dire need for small “no- obligations” grants for students in the sciences.

Small Grants Award

The Miss MalaysiaIndian Global has always been a scholarship programme. Over the years winners have earned scholarships to pursue their Masters or Degree programmes. In 2010, we decided to introduce a SMALL GRANTS AWARD programme for students struggling with essentials expenses which included research, dissertation and publications and starter costs. These awards of upto a maximum of RM4,000 came directly from individuals. Thus far MMICARE an MMIGLOBAL has awarded 75 such grants to needy and deserving students from across the country and races.