“No skill is more crucial to the future of a child,
Or to a democratic and prosperous society than literacy”

17,850 young women   50,000 students   305 community projects   285 scholarships

Over the past 21 years, MMIGLOBAL participants have actively fundraised and helped the marginalised and underserved Malaysian and refugee communities with education scholarships and aid, medical support and meal plans. They have also been wonderful peer supporters for communities. MMIGLOBAL participants have inspired children to dream and empowered girls to believe in their self worth and to strive. We have touched more than 50,000 lives todate

Across Asia, MMIGLOBAL participants have since 2001 mobilised themselves to support women and children by raising awareness and funds for:

– Year 2001 – Gujarat earthquake. We mobilised key essentials including, sanitary pads, adult and baby diapers, for the children’s hospital.

– Year 2003 Cambodia. We helped build toilets for girls in two rural schools to encourage parents to send their daughter who reached puberty to school.

– Year 2004- Tsunami. We supported the repair and repainting of a pre-school in Thailand, Sent essentials including food and blankets to Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, We also sent teams of volunteers to Acheh and Phuket. We worked with the Malaysian Navy’s KD Mahawangsa to transport supplies to Aceh.

– Year 2014 – Sri Lanka. It was just after the peace talks. We supported the roofing of a new school in war-torn, Jaffna, Sri Lanka

– Year 2015-2017 Nepal, A devastating earthquake feminie kits tore Nepal apart. We immediately mobilised food, blankets and water and dispatched them through the Malaysian Airforce. Weeks later MMIGLOBAL team left for Nepal, returned and planned its Phase Two assistance for victims. The two year plan involved re-equipping a community of mountain women tailors in Sindhupalchowk with new sewing machines and bales of materials for school uniforms and the rebuilding, repair and repainting of a primary school in Kakani mountains in Nepal. This was a collaboration with the Japan’s Kyoto University and the Asia Pacific Universities Community Engagement Network

Year 2018 -2019, India. We fundraised and built a mud school inclusive of bio-digester toilets for 200 slum children living in the Delhi largest squatter colony. This was done in collaboration with Laksyam Foundation in Delhi.