Selamat Hari Raya & Happy 54th Merdeka!

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims celebrating this joyous festival and Happy 54th Merdeka to all Malaysians! Enjoy the break and we will be back with more posts next week.

Talent Round Results

Congratulations to the 25 girls below who made it through the Talent Round which was held on 27 August 2011.

  1. Asha Devi Krishnan
  2. Devarani Valusamy
  3. Gunesweri Seerungum
  4. HemaLatha Siva
  5. Imeldaa Murugan
  6. Ishvinder Kaur
  7. Jaynita Asohan
  8. Jelisa Shanjana
  9. Jisvin Kaur
  10. Kogila Vaani
  11. Nallamah Singaram
  12. Olinda Nicholas
  13. Olivia Nicholas
  14. Shalini Maniam
  15. Rachil Dev Kaur
  16. Sangitaa Subramaniam
  17. Shalini Vuthayakumar
  18. Shobana Padmanathan
  19. Sreedevi Thiyagarajoo
  20. Tarani Palani
  21. Thana Rani Theresa
  22. Uma Kanapathy
  23. Vandhana Krishna
  24. Vatsala Vijayan
  25. Vishalini Gunasekaran

Today, they are all dolled up for their first professional photoshoot and they all look gorgeous! Wait for the pictures which uploaded as soon as we get it!

Talent Round – 27th August 2011

This weekend’s talent round is going to be a nerve-wrecking experience for all. Our message to all 36 contestants: “Be prepared, calm down and put your best foot forward!”

Results – PD Selection

Below are the names of the ladies who have advanced to the Quarterfinals. Congratulations to all 36 of them.

  1. Asha Devi Krishnan
  2. Devarani Valusamy
  3. Gerardine Joceline Rao
  4. Gunesweri Seerungum
  5. HemaLatha Siva
  6. Immelda Murugan
  7. Ishvinder Kaur
  8. Jaynita Asohan
  9. Jelisa Shanjana
  10. Jiswin Kaur
  11. Jiveetha Darshini
  12. Kogila Vaani
  13. Kreeshanti Raman
  14. Malarvily Segar
  15. Nallamah Singaram
  16. Olinda Josephine
  17. Olivia Constance
  18. Puvaness Tarummal
  19. Rachel Desiree Felix
  20. Rachil Dev Kaur
  21. Razinah Shaheed Ali
  22. Salvin Kaur
  23. Sangitaa Subramaniam
  24. Sathia Ramasamy
  25. Shalani Sundraraj
  26. Shalini Maniam
  27. Shalini Vuthayakumar
  28. Shobana Padmanathan
  29. Sreedevi Thiyagarajoo
  30. Suhashini Samutharapandian
  31. Tarani Palani
  32. Thana Rani Theresa
  33. Uma Kanapathy
  34. Vandhana Krishna
  35. Vatsala Vijayan
  36. Vishalini Gunasekaran

Next, they will be competing in Talent Round. Good luck to all of them and thank you to everyone who made it to PD.

PD Retreat & Judging

Thank you to all who joined us at the MMIGLOBAL Retreat & Selections in Port Dickson last weekend. We hope you enjoyed the experience. Remember the wisdom, feel the smile and savour your happy moments. Stay relevant and keep in touch ladies.

Thank you to Carlos for the fun ice-breaking session, Stephanie Sta Maria and Lax Lexman for the awesome dance and yoga workshops. Also a big thank you to the children from Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Nanthisar (Seremban) and representatives from Rumah Hati (Selangor) who joined us for tea in PD. We hope our contributions will help.

Thanks also to Origins, Xango, CosmicRain and Ozoheal for the goodies.

Watch out for the announcement of results here!

Correction: Announcement of Result

The results from this weekend’s judging will be announced on Tuesday,  16th August 2011 and not on the same day as previously mentioned. We apologise for the oversight.

The Next Step: Making it through the Quarterfinals

Once again, congratulations to all the ladies who have made it through the National Selections. The next elimination round is at the MMIGlobal Retreat & Judging in Port Dickson from August  13-14.

All 60 ladies will be staying at a NO-FRILLS CAMP in  Port Dickson where they will only have the basic necessities. It is a dormitory-style camp and the girls will have to share all the facilities. There will be no comfortable beds, no air-conditioning, no hot showers and no plug points!

They will attend talks on personal and professional development, grooming and health and lifestyle issues. Besides that they will also be attending yoga and dance classes as well.

The second day will see the contestants face the judges once again where they will get another chance to convince the judges to take them through to the next round. Results will tallied and announced on the same day so wait up for the updates here!

The ladies have also been asked to bring along the below items which will be collected and donated to Rumah Hati – a shelter for single mothers and abused women in Selangor. The items that each girl needs to bring are: 1 tin of sardine, 1 tin of condensed milk, 1 tin of button mushroom, 1 tin of baked beans, 1 packet of Maggi Mee and 1 packet of wheat  flour.

If anyone of your are interested in donating the above or items to Rumah Hati, please contact us at


Sixty-two women make it to the next round

We have completed the Selections for the MMI Global 2011 last weekend. We had a great time driving around the country and meeting so many young women.

Congratulations to all the 62 candidates who’ve been shortlisted for the Quarterfinals – Retreat and Judging – in port Dickson on August 13 & 14. We have a host of activities in store for you.

To all others who took time to meet us, thank you very much! It was indeed and honour for us and we hope that we will be able to meet you next year. Do keep our words in mind.

We can’t wait for the next round!