Announcing the 10th batch of MMIG 2009 Finalists

To all who shared this journey with us, we wish to say thank you. Don’t forget to catch our 10th National MMIGLOBAL Grandfinals on 9 October 2009 at the Royale Chulan. Invitations are by donation of RM200 each (corporate tables are RM3,500 each). Sponsors welcome too.

Announcing the 10th batch of Finalists for the Miss MalaysiaIndian Global (MMIGLOBAL) 2009:

  1. Amreet Kaur
  2. Anu Ratha Mani
  3. Ishvar Kaur Godrei
  4. Mageswari Anandan
  5. Manisha Jagan Mogan
  6. Nithya Rajagopal
  7. Premila Manohara
  8. Priscilla Xavier
  9. Suriakala Sivalingam
  10. Shalini Ramakrishnan
  11. Sharangeet Kaur
  12. Santhiya Sreetharan
  13. Suhanthini Mahalingam
  14. Shalina Abdul Gaffor
  15. Tryambikai Vengades
  16. Vaneetha Darshini Gunasegaram

Congratulations to the 21 ’semifinalists’!

Hi everyone, we’ve had a tough walk todate. We’ve battled the A(HINI) scare, street protests and inherent social and cultural paranoia/fear!

But alls good and we’ve finally got our 21 “semifinalists”, who leave for Prof Zulfigar Yassin’s ECO CHALLENGE a.k.a the MMIGLOBAL-USM Community & Environment Awareness (CEA) Camp from 15-18 August.

To the 21 listed below, you’ve done a great job with the 5km Fitness Run and the HAZE video contest. So, have fun at the ECO CAMP up on Banjaran Titiwangsa.

  1. Amreet Kaur
  2. Anu Ratha Mani
  3. Anusha Revindran
  4. Jeevaneswary Nadeson
  5. Ishvar Kaur Godrei
  6. Kavetha Murugayah
  7. Mageswari Anandan
  8. Manisha Jagan Mogan
  9. Malathi Pannir Selvam
  10. Nithya Rajagopal
  11. Punithamalar Devaraj
  12. Premila Manohara
  13. Priscilla Xavier
  14. Suriakala Sivalingam
  15. Shalini Ramakrishnan
  16. Sharangeet Kaur
  17. Santhiya Sreetharan
  18. Suhanthini M
  19. Shalina Abd Gafor
  20. Tryambikai Vengades
  21. Vaneetha Darshini

Another Open Selection

Dear All,

We are holding another open selection at Royal Chulan Hotel on Tuesday 4th August 2009, 7pm – 9pm. Attire: Officewear. Please bring your CV.