The Miss MalaysiaIndian Global Pageant 2008

Dear Fans and Friends,
We are pleased to announce the results for The Miss MalaysiaIndian Global Pageant 2008!

  • Queen: Ms Fiona Zuzartee
  • 1st Runners-up: Ms Sowmya Krishnan
  • 2nd Runners-up: Ms Gayathri R.

The winners of the subsidiary titles are:

  • Miss Heritage: Ms Sowmya Krishnan
  • Miss Elegance - Ms Rashpall Dillon
  • Miss Congeniality - Ms Gyaathri R.
  • Miss Fitness - Ms Fiona Zuzartee
  • Miss Poh Kong Photogenic - Ms Shantini Sukumaran
  • Miss Hulk Solutions Covergirl - Ms Seenu Meera
  • Miss Malay Mail Readers’ Choice - Ms Shazlina Rahman
  • Miss Voice Readers’ Choice - Ms Kavitha Murugayah
  • Miss Petite - Ms Kamini Thamal Selvan
  • Miss Eco Beauty - Ms Woon Geok Cheen

Congratulations to the winners and also all the participants!