10th National MMIGLOBAL 2009

Hi all,

It’s been a while since our last posting. That’s because we’ve been busy getting things moving and meeting up with people, partners and sponsors (we’re still open to money!).

We’ve given the MMIGLOBAL programme an overhaul an made it more exciting and challenging! It simply means everyone has an even chance at making it into the Finals.

What do we have in store?

  • Round 1 National Selection is on 1 Aug 2009 @ Royale Chulan Hotel.
    • Registration Time: 10am.
    • Fee: RM50.
    • Dress Code: Saree.
    • Bring CV and 2 Photos
  • Round 2 – 5km Fitness Challenge – DesaWaterpark Haze Run on 9 August 2009
  • Round 3- USM’s Eco Challenge – Sg Sedim (Banjaran Titiwangsa), Kedah) 15-19 Aug 2009

Who Will Qualify For The Finals – Web Announcement 25 August
GrandFinals Runup: 29 Aug-7 Oct 2009
Grandfinals: 9 October 2009 (10pax Dinner tables are available with a RM2,000 donation)

Follow-us on our website as we upload recordings of the girls activities and their views.
Stay tuned and be an active part of the 10th National MMIGLOBAL 2009!